Lying with Infographics and Visualization


A great article written by Alberto Cairo, Professor, School of Communication at the University of Miami originally posted by The Functional Art. A few words about the most recent addition to my list of recommended infographics and visualization resources: Its title is Disinformation Visualization: How to lie with datavis, and it was written by Mushon Zer-Aviv (Twitter.) You should read it as soon as you can. Quoting: “Our eyes are trained to process the visual environment… 

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Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Opening at AVS


About the Job Seeking an experienced college graduate to work with top executives on various sales and marketing tasks. Responsibilities include: Composing and distributing promotional emails using and other automation technologies; Composing, posting and optimizing blog and social media messages; Implementing content changes to web pages and other digital elements; Maintaining CRM and customer support databases ( and others); Tracking digital promotion performance; Coordinating sales department events and activities; Online… 

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The Dangers of Bling Data Visualizations


Here is a great article by Michael O’Connell and Eric Novik (originally published on information management) that discusses how poor visualization techniques lead to loss of data, insight, and usability. Given the volume of information that’s pouring into the enterprise from so many disparate sources, knowledge workers need to be able to visualize information in order to analyze it and extrapolate insights effectively. When business users can visualize information, they’re… 

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BI Greatly Informs Decision-Making

A very interesting article written by Roman Vladimirov (originally published by SmartDataCollective) that touches on how SMB’s can benefit from BI and how companies are getting a complete view of their business by integrating data from many departments into their analytics. In the operations of every successful business, regardless of size or industry, all the pieces matter. Everything from the most minute details of daily IT processes to the larger… 

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