Advanced Visual Systems Releases Android Edition of Interactive Data Visualization Software

Latest release of OpenViz API delivers mobile performance with the same analytics functionality and look-and-feel of desktop applications

Users of Android tablets and smartphones seeking true, interactive data visualization on their mobile devices can now employ a Java version of the OpenViz API from Advanced Visual Systems (; OTC: AVSC) to experience unprecedented benefits from visual analysis of business intelligence, financial, customer service and operational data.

See full press release here.

A three dimensional teapot is a historic test object for computer modeling that dates back to the mid-1970’s when sophisticated rendering was a technical challenge. The teapot was used as a test surface because it was instantly recognizable, has a complex topology, it produces shadows and hidden surface issues and has both convex and concave surfaces.  OpenViz for Android recreates the 3D teapot with remarkable detail and 3D control as a demonstration of its capability to leverage the native Android platform for 3D data visualization.