Schrödinger adds Data Visualization from Advanced Visual Systems to Seurat Enterprise Informatics Application

Data visualization techniques from AVS integrated with Schrödinger’s proprietary Seurat software to empower all members of a discovery team to accelerate research and development efforts Data visualization software innovator Advanced Visual Systems announced today that Schrödinger, a scientific leader in computational drug design software for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, has selected AVS data visualization technology to add interactive graphics to Schrödinger’s proprietary software Seurat. See full press release here.

Travel and Visualization

While planning a recent trip to Los Angeles it was interesting to see how ubiquitous charting and data visualization have become in the world of consumer travel.  If only most corporate dashboards would do as good a job of presenting data to decision makers as Bing and Hipmunk.  For all of Kayak’s filtering and functionality, it’s surprising that they haven’t elevated their UI (and as a result their UX). Bing… 

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AVS/Express 8.0 Adds High Performance Features for Engineering, Research, Scientific and Academic Data Visualization

Used by thousands of corporate, institutional and research organizations, AVS/Express is one of the most prolific data visualization tools for large and complex technical data Advanced Visual Systems has released AVS/Express 8.0, a data visualization tool used in technical and academic fields for exploring and analyzing large volumes of complex information. The release marks an eighteen year anniversary for AVS/Express, which is widely recognized for its broad adoption across industries,… 

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