Selected Examples for Better Visualization

Unique collection of visualizations

A collection of unique visualizations created with OpenViz in a selection of industries. 4 pages. This selection of OpenViz data visualizations demonstrates the breadth of possibilities when the OpenViz API is applied to a wide range of project design, data analysis and specific user experience requirements. Click here for whitepaper

Turn your Ideas into interactive Insight

Data Visualization Software

Great software application ideas frequently begin on whiteboards and sketchpads but rarely make it into production because of the limitations imposed on solution development teams. Learn how to overcome these obstacles with OpenViz. (Read More…)

Can your data visualization tool do this?

5 Kinds of Business Analysis Techniques Every Executive Should Know Via Each of these techniques can be implemented programatically or  using components within the OpenViz API.   If you’re a business user thinking about analytics, the options can be dizzying. Where do you begin? Here is a list of 5 business analysis techniques to get you started. Pacing. This type of analysis helps you measure progress against goals. These goals… 

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Black box software: a problem for science that extends to big data

SUMMARY:   Blind trust in black box, or click-and-run, software is a growing problem in science, and the concern extends to big data and high performance computing. by Amanda Alvarez via photo: Thinkstock You probably don’t need to know how a calculator makes two plus two equal four, or how your favorite smartphone app works, but the way the background software is implemented can make a big difference to the output. Slight… 

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