BI Greatly Informs Decision-Making

A very interesting article written by Roman Vladimirov (originally published by SmartDataCollective) that touches on how SMB’s can benefit from BI and how companies are getting a complete view of their business by integrating data from many departments into their analytics. In the operations of every successful business, regardless of size or industry, all the pieces matter. Everything from the most minute details of daily IT processes to the larger… 

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Is SMB ready for Big Data? Probably not…

How small data can also be big data

Mark van Rijmenam, founder of nails it in this Smart Data Collective piece (via How Small Data Can Also Be Big Data Gartner’s definition of big data dates back from 2001, when Doug Laneydefined big data as increasing volume (amount of data), velocity (speed of data in and out), and variety (range of data types and sources). Since then the term big data has been redefined many times by many… 

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Big Data and Interactive 3D Data Visualization Create Enhanced Insight


We at AVS are huge fans of Smart Data Collective, but when we saw this piece on data visualization we shuddered (and chuckled) at the following statement: “Avoid 3D At All Costs  Three-dimensional charts can add unnecessary confusion when it comes to data. The perspective makes it seem that information marked by the back axis is less important than that in the foreground, which is rarely the case. It’s best… 

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Selected Examples for Better Visualization

Unique collection of visualizations

A collection of unique visualizations created with OpenViz in a selection of industries. 4 pages. This selection of OpenViz data visualizations demonstrates the breadth of possibilities when the OpenViz API is applied to a wide range of project design, data analysis and specific user experience requirements. Click here for whitepaper