Advanced Visual Systems Releases Android Edition of Interactive Data Visualization Software

Latest release of OpenViz API delivers mobile performance with the same analytics functionality and look-and-feel of desktop applications Users of Android tablets and smartphones seeking true, interactive data visualization on their mobile devices can now employ a Java version of the OpenViz API from Advanced Visual Systems (; OTC: AVSC) to experience unprecedented benefits from visual analysis of business intelligence, financial, customer service and operational data. See full press release here…. 

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Whitepaper: Dashboards aren’t for Executives


Dashboards fuel business intelligence bloat and get in the way of executive insight. What’s the cure for the CEO that wants answers “now,” the CFO that wants something affordable and the CIO that’s caught in-between the two? click here for whitepaper

Slicing through Business Models with Data Visualization

visualize complex CFD data

I recently came across a screen shot of an engineering solution created by a long-time AVS customer, Flowtech International, in which our AVS/Express software was used to visualize complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data and correlate the relationship and impact of wave height and length for a large ship cutting through various ocean conditions. Flowtech uses data visualization to optimize ship hydrodynamics design by analyzing and presenting resistance and propulsion… 

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