Data visualization with AVS/Express

AVS Express Data Visualization

With point sprites you can place a 2D textured image anywhere onscreen by drawing a single 3D point.  Perhaps the most common application of point sprites is for particle systems. A large number of particles moving onscreen can be represented as points to produce a number of visual effects.   Click here to visit the AVS/Express homepage.  

AVS user Meeting and data visualization workshop

Visualization Workshop Overview The aim of the workshop is to enable users to visualize their data and to gain insight from their large and complex data sets. The workshop is for new users to get quickly up to speed with the visualization tool AVS/Express and for experienced users to refresh their knowledge on the numerous visualization options available. Participants can bring their own data for visualization and discuss their visualization… 

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Opera Solutions Selects Advanced Visual Systems for Big Data Visualization

Opera Solutions Logo

AVS Software and Services to Help Opera Provide “Quantum Leap” Answers to Enterprise and Vertical Solutions Created From Big Data Flows Opera Solutions, a global leader in machine-learning science and predictive analytics, has selected data visualization software from Advanced Visual Systems to add rich, graphical and interactive features to its advanced Big Data applications. This combination will support superior graphical presentations of OS’s advanced analytic output at the front lines… 

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