Selected Examples for Better Visualization

Unique collection of visualizations

A collection of unique visualizations created with OpenViz in a selection of industries. 4 pages. This selection of OpenViz data visualizations demonstrates the breadth of possibilities when the OpenViz API is applied to a wide range of project design, data analysis and specific user experience requirements. Click here for whitepaper

Turn your Ideas into interactive Insight

Data Visualization Software

Great software application ideas frequently begin on whiteboards and sketchpads but rarely make it into production because of the limitations imposed on solution development teams. Learn how to overcome these obstacles with OpenViz. (Read More…)

Advanced Visual Systems Announces New Licensing Program for OEM Partners

visualization using social media data

Demand for creative data visualization grows as solutions embrace more data, tablets and users looking for more insight in less time Advanced Visual Systems has introduced a new licensing program designed to assist software vendors commercialize innovative data display concepts that integrate business, social media and customer data.  The new AVS program helps product development teams quickly prototype cutting-edge data visualization designs that replace traditional dashboard layouts with intuitive “storyboards”… 

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Slicing through Business Models with Data Visualization

visualize complex CFD data

I recently came across a screen shot of an engineering solution created by a long-time AVS customer, Flowtech International, in which our AVS/Express software was used to visualize complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data and correlate the relationship and impact of wave height and length for a large ship cutting through various ocean conditions. Flowtech uses data visualization to optimize ship hydrodynamics design by analyzing and presenting resistance and propulsion… 

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