Predictive analytics software puts big squeeze on IT systems

Christine Parizo nailed it in this great assessment of the predictive analytics space: Predictive analytics projects are no light breeze on IT infrastructures. Building and testing predictive models and then running them against large volumes of data can kick up a processing gale strong enough to overcome systems that lack the required power and capacity to effectively support the predictive analytics software. It’s a big mistake on the part of… 

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Black box software: a problem for science that extends to big data

SUMMARY:   Blind trust in black box, or click-and-run, software is a growing problem in science, and the concern extends to big data and high performance computing. by Amanda Alvarez via photo: Thinkstock You probably don’t need to know how a calculator makes two plus two equal four, or how your favorite smartphone app works, but the way the background software is implemented can make a big difference to the output. Slight… 

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AVS Marks 21 Years as Data Visualization Innovator with Major Software Release

OpenViz API helps clients tackle challenges of Big Data, Cloud computing, corporate analytics Advanced Visual Systems Inc. commemorates its twenty-first anniversary as a pioneer in computer graphics software with a major release of its OpenViz data visualization API, a high performance system used by software vendors, corporations and research outfits to embed interactive graphics in a wide variety of analytic, monitoring and intelligent applications. Over its two decades of continuous… 

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OpenViz: Selected OEM Implementations

OpenViz has been selected by a diverse collection of independent software vendors seeking to design and deploy innovative solutions that deliver maximum insight and user experience to many different classes of end users. OpenViz OEM licenses include training, continuing education and premium support. (Read more…)