Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Opening at AVS

About the Job Seeking an experienced college graduate to work with top executives on various sales and marketing tasks. Responsibilities include: Composing and distributing promotional emails using and other automation technologies; Composing, posting and optimizing blog and social media messages; Implementing content changes to web pages and other digital elements; Maintaining CRM and customer support databases ( and others); Tracking digital promotion performance; Coordinating sales department events and activities; Online… 

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Why We Remember Some Visualizations and Forget Others

Memorable visualizations

This a great article by Tiffany Trader (originally published on HPC Wire) that addresses our concern that data visualization is being reduced to BI chart simplicity because of the limitations of BI tools and a lack of imagination and skill by visualization designers:  Researchers from Harvard and MIT have teamed up to address an important question: what makes a data visualization memorable? The conventional opinion is that it’s easy to… 

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Big Data and Interactive 3D Data Visualization Create Enhanced Insight


We at AVS are huge fans of Smart Data Collective, but when we saw this piece on data visualization we shuddered (and chuckled) at the following statement: “Avoid 3D At All Costs  Three-dimensional charts can add unnecessary confusion when it comes to data. The perspective makes it seem that information marked by the back axis is less important than that in the foreground, which is rarely the case. It’s best… 

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