Turn your Ideas into interactive Insight

Data Visualization Software

Great software application ideas frequently begin on whiteboards and sketchpads but rarely make it into production because of the limitations imposed on solution development teams. Learn how to overcome these obstacles with OpenViz. (Read More…)

Why you need a true data visualization API

As business graphics consume more screen real estate in desktop and mobile apps, product managers and UX teams struggle to push “beyond the bar chart” with innovative concepts that are difficult to productize and frequently don’t scale to enterprise dimensions. Advanced Visual Systems has developed a multifunction API that serves as a rich canvas for the development of intelligent and interactive data visualizations that have an intimate relationship with both… 

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Travel and Visualization

While planning a recent trip to Los Angeles it was interesting to see how ubiquitous charting and data visualization have become in the world of consumer travel.  If only most corporate dashboards would do as good a job of presenting data to decision makers as Bing and Hipmunk.  For all of Kayak’s filtering and functionality, it’s surprising that they haven’t elevated their UI (and as a result their UX). Bing… 

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