Big Data Visualization: 3 Errors To Avoid

Here is a great article by Noah Iliinsky (originally published on information week) Avoid common visualization mistakes. Here’s advice on how to clarify goals and get better results. There has been a lot of talk about data visualization lately — almost as much as there has been about big data. We’re told that visualization is the best way (or the only way) to understand data, and that if we’re not… 

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Why We Remember Some Visualizations and Forget Others

Memorable visualizations

This a great article by Tiffany Trader (originally published on HPC Wire) that addresses our concern that data visualization is being reduced to BI chart simplicity because of the limitations of BI tools and a lack of imagination and skill by visualization designers: ¬†Researchers from Harvard and MIT have teamed up to address an important question: what makes a data visualization memorable? The conventional opinion is that it’s easy to… 

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Finally‚ÄĒsome clear thinking about proper uses of data visualization.

At AVS, we frequently struggle with the steady stream of unqualified ‚Äúexpert‚ÄĚ opinions about best practices in data visualization that litter the blogosphere and misinform those new to the practice area.¬† How refreshing to come across the excellent post by Anna Li (originally posted at that underscores the importance of color selection and strategy in application design.¬† The OpenViz API makes each point discussed by Anna a fundamental capability… 

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