Slicing through Business Models with Data Visualization

I recently came across a screen shot of an engineering solution created by a long-time AVS customer, Flowtech International, in which our AVS/Express software was used to visualize complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data and correlate the relationship and impact of wave height and length for a large ship cutting through various ocean conditions.

visualize complex CFD data

Flowtech uses data visualization to optimize ship hydrodynamics design by analyzing and presenting resistance and propulsion data so that vessel manufacturing time is shortened, particularly at the initial phase of design—which is strikingly similar to the ambitions of AVS’ many corporate and marketing intelligence clients using OpenViz software to visualize new forms of business “resistance” and “propulsion” as part of their product launch BI and analytics.

The metaphor of a ship slicing through waves is quite appropriate for most businesses as they anticipate and analyze varying market forces, variables and other factors that could impact performance from the earliest days of product release through future cycles of maturity.

With the embrace of more innovative and expressive forms of data visualization for business users (meaning more than bar charts and pie charts on static dashboards) beginning to appear in progressive analytic applications, we anticipate that data visualizations such as those created by Flowtech will inspire a new generation of visual approaches to business management.

Curious about how to create a ship slicing through the waves of business with OpenVizContact AVS for details.