Lying with Infographics and Visualization

A great article written by Alberto Cairo, Professor, School of Communication at the University of Miami originally posted by The Functional Art. A few words about the most recent addition to my list of recommended infographics and visualization resources: Its title is Disinformation Visualization: How to lie with datavis, and it was written by Mushon Zer-Aviv (Twitter.) You should read it as soon as you can. Quoting: “Our eyes are trained to process the visual environment… 

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Infographics where they belong: In a music video

We are not huge fans of infographics, mostly because they tend to deliver entertainment value instead of rapid, high-impact insight like classic data visualization.  So we were amused when we spotted this Fast Company article today: DATA VISUALIZATION MAY BE THE MOST EXCITING SECTOR OF GRAPHIC DESIGN. BUT FRANZ FERDINAND’S NEW VIDEO HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT.   “Infographic” is just a catchy word for “data visualization.” And data… 

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Advanced Visual Systems Announces New Licensing Program for OEM Partners

visualization using social media data

Demand for creative data visualization grows as solutions embrace more data, tablets and users looking for more insight in less time Advanced Visual Systems has introduced a new licensing program designed to assist software vendors commercialize innovative data display concepts that integrate business, social media and customer data.  The new AVS program helps product development teams quickly prototype cutting-edge data visualization designs that replace traditional dashboard layouts with intuitive “storyboards”… 

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